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Rissi Cherie

My passions are decorating, designing, reading, traveling abroad, and classical music. Cooking is my way to relax and think things through. Dancing and yoga are sweet pleasures that appeal to my young-at-heart ways. Working with people in ways that encourage and excite them fulfills my need to be helpful.

Over the years I have learned gourmet cooking, French, Yoga, Transcendental Meditation, classical ballet, pottery, interior design, and camping skills. I have gained mental, emotional, and spiritual growth through these undertakings.

Your home’s interior design is important to you. Your personality and style are my principal considerations in helping you achieve your home’s look.  Your ideas and plans will come together vibrantly with Decorating Doctors’ assistance. Your scheme will have the value of our toolbox of ideas and tools and our expertise to deliver the panache you desire.

~~Rissi Cherie, Interior Designer & Expert, Window Fashions Certified Professional


by Rissi Cherie

  • Want a dreamy, romantic Bedroom?
  • Want a zen-like haven for your Bedroom?
  • The best paint colors, the perfect furniture!
  • Classy draperies and bedding for your Bedroom!
  • WOW! Experience your Bedroom as a quiet retreat!
  • Enjoy a romantic boudoir or a sophisticated bower!
  • Whatever you want, I'll make it happen for you!
  • Jazzy and creative Bedrooms for Teens and Children, too.
It's so easy!



by Rissi Cherie

  • Is most of the furniture square or rectangular?
  • Are there any round pieces? Table? Ottoman, Mirror?
  • Does sound from the TV bounce or echo in the room?
  • Is the wall color uninspiring?
  • Is it difficult or easy to move through the room?
  • Is the light good for reading & TV viewing?
  • Is there any sparkle and oomph?
  • Is seating close enough to encourage conversation?
It's so easy!